Fighting spam phone calls on Ubuntu (DRAFT)

In France where we live, we receive several spam calls every day, and that's really annoying. Our box that connects us to the Internet, allows us to block only 10 numbers, which is absolutely not sufficient. Entire ranges should be blockable!

Our installation:

I managed to configure Linphone to receive phone calls on my PC. Searching more information on the caller, I also wanted Linphone to start a browser with the number of the call, but there is no way to tell Linphone to start anything at all. In order to find out if it was feasible to change Linphone, I downloaded the source code of Linphone, but I soon gave up. That's when I decided to find out if it is possible to interface with Linphone to get the caller id. Fortunately, there is a way to get the number, so I developed a small tool that retrieves the number and starts the browser. I called it Linphonex.

All I have to do now is load Linphonex at the start of my PC. When a call comes in, the number is retrieved and a browser is opened with a page that shows me some info on the number. More specifically, this page is loaded:

where 0000000000 is the caller's number. The page shows me exactly what I need to know about the caller. Moreover, it also allows me to add my own comments when I feel the need. Quite a useful site!

If you want to try Linphonex in your network:

Requirements and files used:

There are no options or parameters yet, but they can be added if needed. I'm thinking of adding a config file in the next version...

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