Let me introduce myself: IBM/Lotus Notes and XPages expert, IBM/Lotus Notes and XPages specialist, IBM/Lotus Notes and XPages developer Sjef Bosman, freelance IBM/Lotus Notes and XPages expert and website developer.

For the last 10 years, I have worked as IBM/Lotus Notes/Domino/XPages development consultant, project manager, analyst, developper and administrator: requirements specifications, analysis, design, development, tests, installation and support. IBM/Lotus Notes and XPages expert.

Strong points: deliver the optimal solution based on a quick analysis of a system or a problem, and IBM/Lotus Notes application debugging.

1996 : first encounters with IBM/Lotus Notes. As member of a group of project managers, we needed to share the information about our projects, so any colleague could take over if necessary. The tool we found to achieve that goal was IBM/Lotus Notes. I installed a server and then developed a IBM/Lotus Notes project database for all our projects, clients and contacts, our activities and the technical project details. Altogether, we were very happy with the results, the performance and the quality.

1999: employed by QCM, a small consultancy company specialising in IBM/Lotus Notes solutions. In my opinion, groupware, and especially IBM/Lotus Notes, was going to have a great future. We realised many interesting projects, our clients were very pleased with the results. One of the most interesting and challenging developments was Con7's psychological tests website: tests via a browser, results in a Notes client.

2002: freelance Notes consultant. We moved to France, certain to find a different life, a milder climate, new friends, more space and nature. And I'm happy to say we found it all, there hasn't been a single day that we wanted to go back. Sometimes it isn't easy, but I always find so much inspiration in our quiet valley that developing solutions is just fun. At first, I continued to work for QCM, but gradually I got more and more work for new clients and partners.

In parallel, I took up the development of Internet sites, for clients and friends, both in HTML and in PHP/MySQL.

2010: partnership with SEFIP. Our goal was to web-enable the existing aAlto application using the latest IBM/Lotus technology: XPages on a IBM/Lotus Domino R8.5.3 server. Little over a year later, in June 2011, the first release was born! Our current version (8.85.0) of the aAlto Collaborative application is a complete Web solution for Document Management and CRM, with extensive Workflow possibilities, also available as SaaS. Please have a look here to learn more about it.

2012: redevelopment of the BasicWeb application using IBM XPages. BasicWeb is a CMS in Lotus Notes. It now uses the advantages of XPages to take it to the next level, fully transparent to the user! It's faster, more flexible, can display pages that include other pages, from other databases, and more. Please visit www.the-academy.nl to see the potential for your website.

Sjef Bosman · Lotus Notes Consultant · SIRET 442 133 252 00019 · tel. +33 475 252 805
sjef@bosman.fr · sjef.bosman